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Vauxhall 14 Light Six Saloon (1934)

Vauxhall, the innovative British manufacturer that brought us such automotive gems as the 30/98, lost its independence to the mighty General Motors in 1925. However, it took some three years for the American company's financial muscle and design influence to filter through to the showroom. First came the 20/60 with its OHV engine, coil ignition and central gearchange, then the Cadet that boasted a synchromesh gearbox. However it was the introduction of the Light Six models in 1933 and the Big Six range the following year that finally propelled Vauxhall into the world of mass production.

Registration no:OY 9856
Chassis no:612715
Engine no:330838
Engine:1479cc Straight 6
0-60 mph:0
Top Speed:0
Passenger Seats:4



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