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Jensen Healey (1973)

Jensen-Healey: The Great Unknown British Sportscar The great attraction of the Jensen-Healey has to be its outstanding performance and rarity. Those two factors are inter-related in a perverse way, though. The heart of any good J-H is its Lotus 907 engine. But this too was often the source of its early problems (along with a tendency to rust whenever a heavy dew threatened...) When Jensen went looking for an engine the Lotus one seemed ideal, but for the little problem that it was still under development. But in a radical departure from the usual British sporting car practice of using engines found tried and true in more basic cars (and even tractors and stationary engines [don't laugh, that's the amazing Coventry Climax engine's origins!]) Jensen opted for the new, innovative and untried Lotus. It made a resounding impact: comments at the time said: "Design by Lotus, Development by Customers". But within a couple of years the engine was healthy and reliable (more-or-less) and the car improved in numerous other ways as well. But the damage was done and customers avoided the car, leading to the demise of Jensen; and to the Jensen-Healey's relative rarity. Of the 10,502 (plus another 511 GTs) made it's estimated that only around 2400 remain. Most of the cars were exported- 70% to the USA, with only about 20% remaining in the UK. Now there are fewer than 100 or so estimated to be on the road in the UK
so that the Jensen-Healey qualifies as one of the rarest of the higher volume sportscars made.

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Registration no:NEV35M
Chassis no:12311
Engine no:A73042572
0-60 mph:0
Top Speed:0
Passenger Seats:4



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