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Jaguar SS 2.5 Litre Drophead (1938)

A total of only 274 21⁄2-Litre dropheads had been made when the coming of war halted production, and today survivors - only 18 known - are both rare and highly sought after.
This particular example was manufactured in October 1938 and remained at the distributor, Henlys until sold to one A H Beadle in March 1939. Laid up for most of the war, it was bought in 1946 by John Greasely, a decorated RAF pilot, and for the next few decades provided him and his family with enjoyable transport both at home and abroad. The original engine ('L965') was replaced at some time with one taken from a 1938 21⁄2-Litre saloon ('L1211') most likely before the car's acquisition in 1946.

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Registration no:FLW 126
Chassis no:46131
Engine no:L1211
Engine:2.5-litre Straight-6
0-60 mph:16
Top Speed:90
Passenger Seats:4



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