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Hispano Suiza 8 to 10hp Type 24 (1918)

For the 1914 season Hispano-Suiza introduced a new range of side valve models, the 8-10hp Type 24, the 20hp, 16 valve Type 26 and the 18hp Type 27. The Type 24 had a bore and stroke of 70x120mm, displacing 1,848cc and boasting an impressive 33hp @ 3,000rpm. In chassis form it sold in England for £320 in 1914. This model was to remain in production through to 1922. This example is equipped with engine no. 3958 and Hispano-Suiza records indicate a production date for that engine of February 1918. The radiator badge is of a design commonly in use pre-1915. The history of the car is not fully recorded although it had previously been on display at the Slot Veteranmuseum Park at Kvaerndrup in Denmark, before import to the UK in 2007.

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Registration no:BF 4854
Chassis no:0523
Engine no:3959
0-60 mph:0
Top Speed:0
Passenger Seats:2



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