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Ferrari 208 GTB Turbo LH Drive (1989)

In 1975 Ferrari introduced a 2.0-litre version of the Dino 308GT4 - the 208GT4 - to take advantage of its home market's vehicle taxation system. The V8 engine was reduced in bore size to 66.8mm (from 81mm) for a capacity of 1,991cc and produced 170bhp at 7,700rpm, and this downsized unit continue on the successor 208GTB model from 1980, although now with a maximum output of 155bhp. In April 1982 Ferrari introduced a significantly more powerful version at the Turin Motor Show - the 208 Turbo - which employed a single KKK turbocharger and Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection. The result of these developments was a dramatic increase in maximum power to 220bhp. This was not far short of the 3.0-litre 308GTB's 255 horsepower and the gure was raised to 254bhp in 1986 when the model designation changed to 'GTB Turbo'.

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Registration no: GSU 771
Chassis no:43955
Engine no:43955
0-60 mph:0
Top Speed:0
Passenger Seats:2



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