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Coventry Climax FSM Series 2 Fire Trailer (1938)

This is a 1938 Coventry Climax F.S.M type Series 2 fire trailer with a single-stage centrifugal 241gpm light fire pump. It is driven by a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder water-cooled 748cc petrol engine petrol and was designed in conjunction with the Home Office and is typical of the many hundreds built at the outbreak of World War 2. Few of these pre-war trailer pumps now exist - it is thought that this figure may number less than a dozen.

No. 1620 was in service for the Kesteven Fire Brigade (now Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue) until the late 1960's when she was sold off to a private collector. Showing no sign of rot, she has been dry-stored since then. Though not having been fired up recently, the engine cranks over well and shows plenty of compression. She comes complete with hydrant stand pipe, water filters, both brass and wicker, six hoses, a brass hose head and original owner's manual. Towing beautifully, this really is the vehicle for the collector who has everything! Sold unreserved and in original unrestored order - this is a big boys toy fit for a comprehensive nut-and-bolt rebuild or to be enjoyed as is. With much added value for sheer rarity this could prove a very wise investment...

Registration no:N/A
Chassis no:1620
Engine no:N/S
0-60 mph:0
Top Speed:0
Passenger Seats:4



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